My newest series, 99x9 (still in progress) has two variables; a German sketchbook that is 10 x 10cm and contains one hundred pages and a set of nine markers that represent the current commercial idea of a ‘rainbow’ or spectrum of colors plus black. These two variables are being used to make 9 sets of 99 drawings. Each drawing set is scanned and used to produce a variety of projects that include: a looping animation, a series of paintings and a set of flags.

The latest manifestation in the 99x9 series has been a set of flags, where each flag is one of the 99 drawings strung together in chronological order. The first of these flag sets is seen here as part of a collaborative installation with Ben Bunch. Our installation was one in a series of artist's interventions at an experimental temporary project space in New York City this past summer entitled EXHIBITION. EXHIBITION was an independent art initiative that showed "an experimental and contradictory artistic and curatorial approach" which manifested as one r/evolving continuous exhibition that existed for six months. >>Ben Bunch >>EXHIBITION

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